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August 19, 2010 – Mercy Hall: A perfect day for a BBQ!

grillin' and chillin' on the patio at Mercy Hall







When I told the butcher I was going to wipe him out of steaks he asked me why. “We’re having a barbecue for the guys wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan tomorrow at Bethesda.”

“Would you like me to cut them fresh for you? It won’t take long, 10 minutes or so.”


They were just gorgeous and even better, they were on sale!

We arrived at the hospital, unloaded, and while Jess, Susie and Jeanne were setting up inside I was outside showing Wayne and Russell the huge tub of steaks, Continue reading August 19, 2010 – Mercy Hall: A perfect day for a BBQ!

July 29, 2010 – Mercy Hall: Marine Moms-Bethesda Luncheon Today!

entryway to Mercy Hall This is what people saw when they walked into Mercy Hall on the day of our luncheon. A welcoming entryway…a pretty flower arrangement… a poster.

Cool poster, eh? One of our “Elfs” had it made up for us using pictures we have taken over the years. Thank You!
Sometimes even the best laid plans have to be revised. The storm that hit the D.C. area on Sunday as we were leaving the hospital after our 5 East luncheon, affected our volunteers who were coordinating the Thursday luncheon at Mercy Hall. Electricity went out in parts of the area for several days, and food was lost in homes and stores.

Elizabeth had to work at the last minute and couldn’t come. Susie enlisted Lauren and they scampered around gathering things together. Then there was an early morning meet up in rush hour traffic so Elizabeth could pass on something to Susie.

Everything worked out fine.  We have Plans A, B, C, and if needed, Plan D!

I don’t think people realize how scattered Marine Moms-Bethesda’s volunteers are.  Continue reading July 29, 2010 – Mercy Hall: Marine Moms-Bethesda Luncheon Today!

April 15th, 2010 – Mercy Hall: My Son is a Wounded Warrior.

My son is a Wounded Warrior pin.

The picture is a pin that one of the Marine moms at the luncheon was wearing.  The Maryland Marine Corps League gave it to her when her son was on the hospital ward a few weeks ago.


Barb and I met Jean in Annapolis and we carravanned over to the hospital. Traffic was heavier than usual on the beltway and Susie was already there with loads of food. Jess joined us soon after. As soon as she walked in the door the line for the seated massages began to form. Continue reading April 15th, 2010 – Mercy Hall: My Son is a Wounded Warrior.

February 18, 2010 ~ Mercy Hall

Honor Courage Committment




We had our first luncheon of the year at Mercy Hall today. All I could think of on the drive home were the Marines we had met. Their stories are truly awe-inspiring.

We arrived about a half hour earlier than originally planned and Susie and Grace were there unloading. Susie met me on the sidewalk out front…

Susie: “There are no tables!”

Jane: “It’s okay, it’s always like this when we first get here. We’ll find some.”

Susie: “Nooo, there are no tables.”

Jane to the person behind the desk: “Would you mind calling over to the Liaison’s office and ask them to bring the two tables over, please?”

The Desk Person: “We already did. They don’t have them.”

Jane walks over to the Liaison’s office. “Could you please bring the two tables over for us?”

“Well… we have two carts you can use. Will they work for you?”

No problem!  We made the carts work. Continue reading February 18, 2010 ~ Mercy Hall

“Holiday Cheer at Bethesda” – Mercy Hall, December 3, 2009

mercy hall 2009 stockings cookies and cards







“Holiday Cheer at Bethesda 2009” at Mercy Hall was an incredible success!

The food was great, the stockings were fun, the cookies were delicious and the cards were the icing on the cake!

”Elfs” across the country helped us fill 65 homemade stockings, sent us over 1000 Christmas cards, and the local “Elfs” baked 100 dozen scrumptious cookies for “Holiday Cheer”.

Our December Luncheon Crew and the Choptank Marine Corps League Detachment served up a full holiday meal including turkey, ham, and all the sides!

Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made “Holiday Cheer at Bethesda 2009” possible!

Before the Luncheon:

Our goal was to fill 60 stockings, fill 60 containers of cookies with a dozen cookies in each, Continue reading “Holiday Cheer at Bethesda” – Mercy Hall, December 3, 2009

October 29, 2009 – Mercy Hall: Ghosties and Goblins and Treat Bags, OH MY!

party table

This close to Halloween we just had to have a party!

Entertainment was provided by Mr. Owl bouncing on the pumpkin and flapping his wings while singing “ting-tang-walla-walla bing-bang…”, and Mummy Cat howling “Who let the dogs out, WHO who who? Who let the dogs out….” while the Very Scary Monsters (crafted by Miss Kathie’s K-2 kindergarten class from St. Peter and Paul’s Elementary School) guarded the trick or treat bags.

The table was chock full of food. Continue reading October 29, 2009 – Mercy Hall: Ghosties and Goblins and Treat Bags, OH MY!

August 13, 2009 – Mercy Hall: hot, Hot, HOT!

*NOTE TO SELF for future luncheons*

*You do not need a whole bag of Matchlite for S’mores.*

S'moresEh… yeah… what can I say… when Deb’s not there, I kinda go overboard sometimes… most times…


Janie’s Motto: More is Better!!!

Not always a good thing…

Temps were in the 90’s too. We had the candy bars, marshmallows and graham crackers in the little cooler to keep them from melting. Umm hmmm… the graham crackers would have melted – or at least turned soggy from the humidity.
.Jean and I shopped at Walmart and BJ’s the day before and did the food prep at her house. BJ’s had a different selection of things than Costco and Sam’s has and I think BJ’s was a wee bit higher than the other two places for what we normally buy. It still beats shopping at the local grocery store, though!

Deb dropped off the Entenmann’s that evening and let us borrow her camera to video the quilt raffle drawing. Julie met us Thursday morning at Jean’s and followed us over and Jess met us at the hospital. Continue reading August 13, 2009 – Mercy Hall: hot, Hot, HOT!

May 28, 2008 – Mercy Hall

Mercy Hall

A few days after our March luncheon, I asked the Moms what they thought about changing the venue of the luncheons. We had met a Marine who hung out with us that day and learned he lived in Mercy Hall while waiting for his medical discharge.

Mercy Hall“Mercy Hall? Where’s that”

“Over there.”

We peeked out the window.

“How many of you guys are over there?”

“I’m not exactly sure, somewhere around…”

Wheels began spinning in our minds…

It was a unanimous vote – let’s see if they’ll allow us in Mercy Hall for a luncheon.

They did! Continue reading May 28, 2008 – Mercy Hall