June 10, 2010 – Mercy Hall: So much love…








There is so much love that goes into our luncheons from so many who care…

The Corporal assigned to help us with the luncheon was great! From helping us put the tablecloths on the tables to helping us pack up when we left, he was on it!

Someone had asked us to look for Cpl. Peck.

He escorted Susie and me to the ICU ward (going thru the proper channels) to give Cpl. Peck and his family a gift bag from MM-B and his Thundering Third family.

All we wanted to do was meet his family briefly in the ICU waiting room, but we ended up outside the ICU ward door.  It felt like a mouse in a maze getting there.

Gift bagWe were admitted onto the ICU ward…… the civilian in charge of the ward greeted us so kindly, and we met the team taking care of Cpl. Peck, so nice and seemed so happy to see us. His family had stepped out and wasn’t on the ward so we left everything there for them.

There is a whole lotta love in all that stuff, from many people…
Millie the WWII Navy Veteran made the USMC trinket box. Marya’s friend made the afghan. Chris made the green bag that you can see the handles of. Della’s church donated some of the food items inside the gift bag. The lady in Giant gave us the ribbon.

Others we gave some love to:

The woman Marine who has been there since last fall. She had 7 acupuncture needles in her ear that I crunched when I gave her a hug. Sheesh did I feel dumb. At first I thought she had gotten her ears pierced with teeny tiny gold studs.

And the Marine who has been there for months, I remember him from the past three luncheons. He is a ball of energy.

And the stories could go on and on and on…

One of the Marines is a new Daddy, has a beautiful 3 week old baby girl and a 3 year old little boy. He’s been at Mercy Hall 14 months. Rides back and forth to visit them on the weekends by bus.

Another Marine gets his new eye in August. He has a pet snake, was sitting outside playing with it.

Another out-patient has his next operation in August – if it doesn’t take he’ll lose his leg. He’s had 9 surgeries so far.  He was really digging into his plate of food.

niftie gifties
Books, pillow cases, quilts, snacks on the niftie giftie table.

There was this woman, have seen her at the past three luncheons there…. She came over to me and said, “Thank you,” walked toward the elevator, turned around and came back and thanked me again, said, “What you all do really does make things easier here.” Gave her a hug.

One of the sailors who works behind the desk, when I told him he was welcome to what we had, was tickled to pieces, said he lost his mom when she was 45…

The Marine who walks with a cane and wears sneakers asked for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chips next luncheon. He just had another surgery. In January he was in a wheelchair on 5 East.

massageJess brought her massage chair.







Ask if we need help and we'll put you to work.Ask if we need help and we’ll put you to work!

Appetizer tray, Subway sub, spare ribs, baked beans,cole slaw, jalapeño cornbread, boiled eggs, veggie couscous, fresh fruit, cookies, pie,
smoothies, water, blue Gatorade, YooHoo, fruit juice, and soda.

Today’s Crew:
Susie, Grace, Jess, and Lauren.
Thank you, Ladies! Job Well Done!

Thank to our supporters who helped brighten the day of those we serve.

Grateful thanks to those who serve.

Until next time, continued prayers for our military and heir families.

Love and Hugs,