Our Mission

Marine Moms-Bethesda’s mission is to directly enhance the lives of wounded, injured, and ill active duty combat patients and their families, all service branches, at military hospitals and VA medical centers, providing them with luncheons and comfort items, online resources, and emotional support while letting them know our Nation supports them.

February 2015 Update:

Since 2007 we’ve seen the tremendously positive impact our luncheons have on the patients and families we’ve served at Walter Reed/Bethesda.

With the war in Iraq and Afghanistan declared over and fewer and fewer combat patients on the surgical ward at Walter Reed, we continue our mission by serving injured and ill active duty service members, who may or may not be combat patients, Veterans, their families, as well as Traumatic Brain Injury patients, their families, and Critical Care Unit combat families.

mom with niftie gifties
Marine Mom & Army Veteran. She loved the “nifties gifties” we had for her and her son, who was wounded in combat.  April 2009
Niftie Giftie Table
The niftie-giftie and dessert table at one of our 2014 4th floor luncheons.

Bringing "Comforts of Home" to Bethesda (now Walter Reed NMMC) since 2005.