A Parent’s Prayer For Their Marine

[dated Sept. 6, 2004, author unknown]

Marine cover


God, look after that young man of ours, wherever he may be.

Walk in upon him. Keep his mind stayed on thee.

Talk with him during the silent watches of the night, and spur him to bravery whenever called upon to face the cruel foe.

Transfer my prayer to his heart, that he may know the love I have bequeathed to him as an everlasting gift.

Keep our son inspired by the enduring faith in God. He is our greatest gift.

Protect him and keep his purpose and spirit unwavering.

Satisfy him with the knowledge of this prayer of ours.

Silent and alone I pray, God, that you hear us.

Lead us through the long days ahead.

And lead that young man of ours through his.

Fail him not that he may not fail you.

Thank you, God.


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