April 21, 2011 – Mercy Hall: April Showers Bring…


Just a nice, quiet, laid back luncheon.





Sally was back with us for the first time in a while.







Grace’s ham disappeared fast.

Jess had a work conflict and was unable to join us this time so I took over salad duty.  Made it the way she makes it.  Healthy!


Well, it does have more nutritional value and it does seem to be more popular than a regular garden salad made with iceberg lettuce.





Robin made the smoothies.







green beans and corn

It was déjà vue when I peeked at the green beans!  Her green beans were just like my Mom used to make!



pasta salad and veggies

The pasta salad was made with cheese tortellini and Robin took off from there with all kinds of good stuff in it, a meal in itself!




nuts and fruits

Fruit and nuts, hard boiled eggs, a fresh veggie tray, and cheese and pepperoni rounded out the menu.






Cookies and pumpkin pie for dessert.





cart of stuff for the hospital

Katie, Jackie and Lauren went over to 5 East to deliver some encouragement notes and to leave food and drinks in the day room.  This was Jackie and Lauren’s first visit with us.


The parents of the two Marines whose names we had to look for came over for lunch, as did some other families.  We had quilts, pillowcases, and a stash table set up with things for the guys and gals.

We’ll be back at Mercy Hall on June 23rd!

April 22nd Luncheon Crew:
Robin, Grace, Sally, Lauren, Jackie, Katie, and Jane.
Thank you! Job WELL done!

Until next time, continued prayers for our military and their families.

Love and Hugs,