March 27, 2011- 5th Floor: Breakfast Brunch

Breakfast BrunchWhen we plan a menu for our luncheons, our volunteers keep “Touches of Home” in mind.  Stephanie and Elizabeth decided to do a breakfast brunch, a very ambitious undertaking!

Silver Dollar Pancakes with blueberry topping, sausage gravy and biscuits, and cinnamon apples by Stephanie brought back memories of the holiday open houses her family had when she was growing up. Mary’s Creamy Potatoes are a favorite in her family. Three kinds of quiches, mini-muffins, fresh fruit salad, pasta salad, assorted sandwiches, chili, taco dip and chips, cheese and pepperoni platter, luscious desserts, assorted drinks, and smoothies rounded out the menu.

Katie and Gladys unloading
Arrival time is officially 10 AM but our enthusiastic volunteers began arriving around 9:15. Never know what the traffic on the beltway is going to be like!




Set up in the room was quiet, busy, and well-organized.

setting up









Hallie and Jill joined us for the first time.


Prepping for the luncheon







Sean and Mary were with us again. The microwave was made good use of for reheating the quiches and cinnamon apples.




After the past few luncheons and problems with the electric (too many crockpots), we decided to use some buffet servers.



One had the sausage gravy, one had biscuits and pancakes, and one held the potatoes.  The crockpots had chili and cinnamon apples, and the warming tray kept the quiches toasty warm.

Bob stayed busy again making smoothies.  Friends of Elizabeth and Steph sent the desserts. I thought the cakes, one chocolate and one yellow with a jelly filling, were professionally made but Elizabeth said no, her friend does it as a hobby.


Bob making smoothies









Julie offered to take over shopping for and filling the pantry bags.

March Pantry Bags


She passes them on to Katie to bring to the luncheon.

We set up the pantry bags and niftie-gifties outside of the luncheon room door.


snack bags and gifts


Little things tickle us and the large metal cart was one of those little things. It holds twice what a regular cart holds, meaning fewer trips up and down the elevator.


Quilts, pillowcases and wheelchair bags from Bayside Quilters are popular, especially the ones made out of specific service branch fabric.

Jaime and his seated massage chair had a work out. He did at least 15 seated massages in four hours. Katie was able to spend time in the waiting room talking with the families. Gladys took most of the pictures for the luncheon. (Thak you for sharing them with us!) Elizabeth and Stephanie kept the luncheon room organized.

During a quiet time right before we began serving, our volunteers chose our 2011 Raffle Quilt. Cut out and pieced by Mary C. from Bayside Quilters, tickets will go on sale May 1st for our major fundraiser. This is a picture of the quilt top.

2011 raffle quilt








It’s at the long-armer’s right now waiting to be quilted. More details coming in late April. We are very grateful for Bayside’s support.

Thank you to everyone who helps make our visits to Bethesda possible. We recognize our Supporters at the luncheon room doorway, listing them so everyone can read who made this month’s luncheon possible.

welcome and supporters











“It was a joy working with you all.  I know I can also speak for Jillian and Hallie when I say it is an honor and a privilege to support the patients and their families and we are grateful to be part of the team.” – Mary

Our volunteers expressed and interest in visiting more often so we have scheduled five more dates for 5 East over the course of this year, bringing our total to 17. Teams of three or four will provide light fare, drinks, smoothies, and seated massages during what will be a more laid back visit.

Each visit to Bethesda is special. Some luncheons affect me more than others and this was one where the tissues came out on the drive home.

Can one put a monetary price on the cost of war, when so many lives will never be the same?

Regrets? No Mr. President

Today’s luncheon crew:
Stephanie, Elizabeth, Mary, Katie, Sean, Hallie, Jill, Gladys, and Bob,
with Jaime from “Touch of Relief”
Thank you! Job WELL done!

Until next time, continued prayers for our military and their families.

Love and Hugs,