June 27, 2010 – 5th Floor: Down but not defeated!

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Lewis and friends
Photo courtesy of Janet Skerry

One of our luncheon volunteers sent this to me after Sunday’s luncheon on 5 East.

“Down but not Defeated!”
A familiar slogan used by those who have been wounded. They are definitely not defeated!!! The same strength, courage, determination, and drive they used while in the battle field is what is use as they push their bodies in recovery and rehabilitation.

One Wounded Marine wrote this after a recent return visit at Bethesda:

“Got to visit my boys in Richmond Veterans Hospital, the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, and those transferred to Walter Reed. It was awesome to see them doing good and to be in such high spirits. They are my HEROES! Their courage is an example and inspiration to push the fight and keep going no matter how tough it gets.”

It truly is an honor and privilege to help serve the luncheons at Bethesda 5 East. It’s such a little thing, but bringing home-cooked food for the Wounded, their families, and for the staff that tirelessly tends our Heroes gives them a break from institutional food.

The aroma of BBQ chicken instantly brought folks to the conference room. One Warrior’s mom told me that her son was so happy to have BBQ chicken and ate two pieces – he hadn’t been eating very much all.

“Susie’s Smoothies” corner was hopping! She poured over 50 cups. Our Wounded Warriors love these cool soothing treats. One mom’s son stated, “. . . it sure beats drinking an Ensure.”

As one who has been a luncheon volunteer, and then a recipient of the delicious food, goodie bags, and the outpouring of love while my son was a patient, I say THANK YOU for supporting Marine Moms-Bethesda.

Lew's BBQ chicken


Back in March, the son of two of our luncheon volunteers was wounded in action in ‘stan. The March luncheon page is about the day we were there at the hospital and they were with us, on the schedule to help with the luncheon months before he was wounded.

Leading up to the day of the luncheon, they kept me posted with the progress of his journey back to the States – field hospital (a surgery) to Bagram (a surgery) to Kandahar (another surgery) to Landstuhl (another surgery) and finally, to Bethesda (several surgeries there). All of this within 6 days.

Mom and Dad stayed after we left and waited for the medical transport to bring their son and the other patients in later that evening.

door flags

When something happens to a friend, it hits home even harder. The March luncheon was one of the most touching ones, in my opinion, that we have ever done. Two of our volunteers, selflessly serving the families, patients and staff, knowing their son would be there in a few hours.

Corpsman statue in bldg 10At our April Mercy Hall luncheon, we saw them again. They were at the hospital for follow-up appointments after Lewis had been discharged the previous week to go home on convalescence leave.

“Our” Marine is doing well now. He is back at his stateside base in the Wounded Warrior Regiment, Battalion -East.

Katie's military weddingLewis proposed to his Sweetheart four weeks ago and in less than a week they were married with their parents’ blessings. We wish them ALL the best and a happy life together!


Paula, Kathy, and Wendy joined us for the first time. We were very happy to have them as we were very busy!
Thank you Janet, Lew, Susie, Kathy, Wendy, Don, Barb, and Paula for your help! Job Well Done!!!

Thank You, Subway, for the sub donations!

buffet table June 2010Menu:
Barbecue chicken, Subway subs, potato-leek soup, potato salad, deviled eggs, garden salad, pasta salad, pickles, dip and chips, scoops and salsa, cheese and pepperoni, watermelons, cantaloupes, fresh strawberries, oranges, fresh cherries, angel food cake, butterscotch brownies, cookies, smoothies, water, Gatorade, and assorted sodas made up the menu. What little bit we had leftover, we took to the pantry and the out-patient barracks.

niftie giftiesWe left coffee, creamer, sugar, Sweet n Low, and Girl Scout cookies for the pantry. Gave out lots of pantry bags and lady bags. Pantry bags have snack food – popcorn, pop tarts, Nutrigrain bars, snack crackers, and other assorted food items.

pamper bags for the ladiesThe ladies’ bags are for the wives, moms, and sisters and include travel size hand lotion, body lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, Kleenex, soap, shampoo.

We fixed up special bags for the names we had been asked to look for, found them, and Susie, Wendy and Janet delivered them along with well-wishes passed on from families whose sons had been serving with them, still in the battle.

We gave out pillowcases, quilts, and receiving blankets from Bayside Quilters. I love those ladies!!! The last two “These Colors Don’t Run” t-shirts were handed out. They were a favorite. The “I Served” stickers and phone cards were also popular.

***Thank you to our Supporters!!!***

Notes of encouragement and support were handed out, too. “Notes 4 Bethesda” is our program where we collect emailed notes of support and encouragement to print out and hand deliver to the patients. You can send one if you like by emailing it to (email address no longer active).


Each one of us has stories to tell after a luncheon, something that sticks in our minds from our visit there.

Jane, I have to tell you a story… It made my heart melt!
Today when I was helping one of the soldiers down to his room with his lunch he asked me, “Are you a Marine’s mom” I said, “Well no I am just a mom.” He said, “Well you’re a nice one,” and he thanked me for lunch.

He and all the ones that we visited and helped carry lunch to were so sweet and thanked us so much. My only response to them was “Thank you so much~”

Don and I so much appreciate the opportunity to give back to the men and women who fight to keep us safe everyday!



2010 raffle quilt "Maid of Honor"Marine Moms-Bethesda’s quilt raffle ends August 1, 2010. If you feel our mission is worthy, please consider helping us out by entering to win the gorgeous “Maid of Honor” quilt donated to us by Bayside Quilters. (Did I say how much I LOVE these ladies???) More information here. Thank you!



Wishing All a Wonderful Independence Day!

As you grill the dogs, steam the crabs, watch the fireworks, and enjoy the company of your family and friends, please take a moment to remember the sacrifices that have been made to keep our country free.

Until next time, continued prayers for our military and their families.

Love and Hugs,