Our 2015 Volunteers

“Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.”   ~Erma Bombeck

Tremendous THANKS to our Luncheon Volunteers for their time and dedication serving the Warriors and their families at Walter Reed NMMC, and also to our Support Network across the country for providing help and advice behind the scenes.

Our dedicated luncheon volunteers are scattered throughout the Virginia, DC, and Maryland area surrounding Walter Reed-Bethesda, as well as Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

2015 Volunteers:

At their request, not everyone is listed below.

February 22: Gladys & Bob, and Katie

March 22: Elizabeth, Mary, and Jillian

April 19: Dina, Colette, and Jane

May 17: Elizabeth and Mary

June 7: Andrea & Dan, and Guy

July 19: Dina, Colette, and Bob

August 2: Katie and Jane

September 6: Mary, Jillian, and Jane


October 4: Dina, Deb, and Jane

November 8: Dina, Deb, and Jane

December 6: Dina, Deb, Colette, and Jane

Bringing It All Together:

“Blooming Freedom”, 2015 Annual Quilt Raffle – Chris & Jane

Cookbook – Jane & Gladys (in the planning stages)

Facebook – yes, we are there.

Holiday Cheer 2015 – Jane, Jess, and Barb & Dina, Colette, and Deb

Luncheon Tracking – Jane


Pantry Bags – Julie

Website – Jane

Advisors & Behind the Scenes Volunteers:

Ellen-Alisa Saxl – Marine Mom, Policies & Procedures

Jim Ridgeway – Veteran, USMC, 1946-1948, Choptank Marine Corps League Detachment #439 Liaison

JustAnElf – Vietnam Veteran, USMC

Ruthi Moore – Director of Nursing, Navy Marine Corps Relief Society

Sgt. Schmiggs – OIF Veteran, USMC, 2003-2007


2014 Volunteers

2013 Volunteers

Original Crew

Past Luncheon Dates


Bringing "Comforts of Home" to Bethesda (now Walter Reed NMMC) since 2005.