2014 Volunteers

Tremendous Thanks to our Luncheon Volunteers for their time and dedication serving the Warriors and their families at Walter Reed NMMC, and to our Support network for providing help and advice behind the scenes.

Monthly Luncheon Teams:

January 26 – 4th Floor:  Gladys & Bob, Katie, Jaime from “Touch of Relief”, with help from Julie.
February 13 – Mercy Hall: cancelled due to winter storm
February 23 – 4th Floor:  Elizabeth, Mary, Jillian, Gladys & Bob, and Jaime from “Touch of Relief”.
March 23 – 4th Floor:  Dina, Suzan, Jane, with help from Julie, Barb, and Christie.
April 10 – Mercy Hall:  Barb and Jane
April 20 – 4th Floor: Elizabeth, Mary, Gladys, Bob, and Jillian
April 26 – 4th Floor:  Gladys, Bob, and Jane  Thank you Chik-Fil-A at Waugh Chapel!
May 18 – 4th Floor: Dina, Barb & Don, Steph, and Katie
June 8 – 4th Floor: Elizabeth, Mary, Jillian, & Crew
June 19 – Mercy Hall: Katie, Guy, and Jane
July 20 – 4th Floor: Dina, Deb, Stephanie, Gladys, Bob, Colette, and Jane
August 3 – 4th Floor – Jane and Deb
September 7 – 4th Floor – Elizabeth, Mary, Gladys, Bob, Jillian, Hallie, & Crew
October 5 – 4th Floor – Dina and Deb
October 23 – USO – Connie, Colette, Jane, and Samantha from TAMPA Marine Families
November 9 – 4th Floor – Dina, Deb, Gladys & Bob, Julie, Colette, and Jane
December 4 – USO – Gladys, Bob, Deb, and Jane
December 20 – HFTW Dinner at Pascal’s Farm – Jane & Jerry
August 29, 2014 in front of the Commandant's House
Jane, Suzan, Gladys and Connie, August 29, 2014 in front of the Commandant’s House, waiting for the Friday Evening Parade to begin.

Bringing It All Together:

Annual Quilt Raffle – Jane

Cookbook: Kathy

Facebook: Marine Moms-Bethesda

“Holiday Cheer 2014″ at Walter Reed – Barb, Deb, Jess, and Jane

Luncheon Tracking: Mary

Massage Therapist:  Jaime, “Touch of Relief”

Newsletter: Jane

Notes 4 Bethesda

Pantry Bags: Julie

Website: Jane


Ellen-Alisa Saxl – Marine Mom, Policies & Procedures

Jim Ridgeway – Veteran, USMC, 1946-1948, Choptank Marine Corps League Detachment #439 Liaison

JustAnElf – Vietnam Veteran, USMC

Ruthi Moore – Director of Nursing, Navy Marine Corps Relief Society

Sgt. Schmiggs – Iraqi Freedom Veteran, USMC, 2003-2007

Tony Gottlieb – Copyright and Intellectual Property

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