2013 Volunteers

Hand’s-on Luncheon Volunteers:

Katie & Roger, Gladys & Bob, Barb & Don, Woody & Kathy, Suzan, Elizabeth, Mary, Jillian, Rory, Hallie, Jane, Julie, Jessi, Dina, Guy, Nancy, Andrea, ES Deb, Jaime, Holly, Marion, Connie & Brian, Linda, and Jerry


Walter Reed Luncheons:
The Combat Hospital Ward
Mary and Elizabeth, Katie, Dina, and Jane
Mercy Hall, the Warrior Transition Barracks
Katie, Jess, and Jane
Traumatic Brain Injury Ward
Katie and Mary
Pantry Bags
Massage Therapists
Jessi from “Peace at Hand”
Jaime from “Touch of Relief”
Holly from “Modern Bodywork”
Notes 4 Bethesda
Terri in Florida
“Holiday Cheer 2013″ at Walter Reed
Richmond VAMC Luncheons:
PTRP, Spinal Cord, and Polytrauma Units
Luncheon Tracking
Mary, Kathy, Jane
Annual Quilt Raffle
Jane, Chris, Kris and Jo
We’re there, just do a search for us.
Marine Corps Marathon Volunteer Team
(No, we don’t run in the Marathon, we arrive at 0-dark-thirty, help man a water point, and cheer the runners on!)
Behind the Scenes
Chris, Ellen-Alisa, Mr. Elf, Tony, and many others.
Tremendous Thanks to our MM-B Volunteers and Supporters, and to the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment, Battalion East Liaison Staff at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Richmond VA Medical Center for their advice and support!

We couldn’t do what we do without all of you!

Feb. 14, 2013
February 14, 2013 Mercy Hall Luncheon


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Bringing "Comforts of Home" to Bethesda (now Walter Reed NMMC) since 2005.