August 2, 2015 – 4th Floor: And the raffle winner is…

Hang on… I’ll get there…

Setting Up
Making progress setting the room up.
The Team:

Katie and Jane, with help from a staff member.  Thank you!! Job well done!

Soup, sandwiches, and sandwich makings

The Menu:

Chicken noodle soup

Sandwich makings: Kaiser rolls, ham, roast beef, and turkey, assorted cheese, and condiments

Potato salad and chips

Watermelon and blueberry fruit bowl

Mini-cupcakes and assorted drinks

The Niftie Gifties:
NIftie-giftie table
The Niftie-Giftie Table. The red, white and blue quilt is this year’s raffle quilt, “Blooming Freedom”, donated to us by Bayside Quilters of the Eastern Shore to raise funds for the luncheons.

We had quilts from the quilters to give out, “Stars” sent by Cheryl & Friends in Florida, bumper stickers from Mr. Schmuckatelli, and cards by Clara. Clara made cards for us to give to patients as her service project for her First Communion.

The luncheon was also supported in part by Washington State Operation Thank You and Rotary Club of Easton, MD.

This is the day of the quilt raffle drawing.  100% of the proceeds from the raffle benefit those we serve at our luncheons.

We’re very grateful to Bayside Quilters for donating the quilt to raffle.  These ladies are amazing.  Not only do they support Marine Moms-Bethesda, they support numerous other organizations on the Eastern Shore of Maryland providing quilts to them for their missions. Thank you so much for supporting the luncheons and the patients and their families at Walter Reed!

Huge thanks to those of you who bought tickets!

Just before we were ready to serve, Brother Dave stopped by to say hello so we asked him if he would help us draw the name of the raffle winner. Katie held the pillowcase and he drew the name.

Quilt Raffle Drawing

And the winner is…

SE Tennessee Young Marines, this year's quilt raffle winner!
Southeast Tennessee Area Young Marines, this year’s quilt raffle winner! Congratulations!

Someone named “Schmuckatelli” bought the tickets on their behalf. Now to let them know they’re the winner…

Jane making smoothies

Gee we missed having Bob there to make smoothies…

We met some pretty awesome people. Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, a future Coast Guardsman… patients and active duty and retired and family members.

Command Master Chief Willis stopped by.  He’s the top NCO at Walter Reed.  It was nice to meet him.  We appreciate him taking time out from his busy schedule to meet us during his visit and hope to see him again!

It was a good luncheon. Nice to see so few combat wounded on the ward. Nice to see the TBI guy we met a while back making good progress. Nice to hear an older Veteran say, “The doctors here are top-notch!” And to listen to a “Devil Doc” tell us what “his Marines” he served with in Afghanistan mean to him – priceless.

We’re extremely honored to have the opportunity to serve those who have served, often at a great sacrifice.  Saying “Thank you for your service” doesn’t even begin to express the gratitude we have for our service members.

We couldn’t do this without our Supporters. You make a difference and brighten someone’s day through your support, whether it’s an in-kind donation or funds to help defray the cost of the luncheons, you are so appreciated!  Thank you for caring!

Our next scheduled luncheon is Sunday, September 6th.

Stay vigilant!  Until next time, continued prayers for our military and their families.

With Respect,




Clara's card
May joy and peace surround you
Contentment latch your door
And happiness be with you now
And bless you evermore.
Thank you for your service.
Wishing you peace and health.
Clara, age 8