July 19, 2015 – 4th Floor: We Never Know…

LCplSmitty says "Welcome!"
LCpl. Smitty welcoming our guests to the luncheon.


Nope, we don’t.  With the number of combat casualties down this year the luncheons have become smaller.  We’re serving more non-combat patients than we are combat patients.  When Dina asked how many to plan for I gave her smaller number than we’ve ever taken food for, based on the last few luncheons and they ended up serving almost three times that number.  Okay, so we’re always worried we’re going to run out… She tells me they had very little in the way of leftovers.

The Team:

Dina, Colette, and Bob, with help from Ryan.  Job Well Done!  Thank you!

food and niftie-giftiesThe Menu:

Cheese platter

BBQ Wings
Green Beans
Pasta Salad
Chicken Noodle Soup
Variety of Fresh Fruit
Chips and Drinks
Cookies and Brownies


Quilts, Pillowcases, and DVDs.

The “Elfs”:

Washington State Operation Thank You; Rotary Club of Easton, MD; Bayside Quilters of the Eastern Shore; and James.

Your support and donations help brighten the day for the patients and their families. Thank you so much!

And we just never know what tomorrow will bring, do we?

EGA and Black Ribbon


While the luncheon was happening, Chattanooga was mourning the loss of 4 Marines and a Sailor.

May God comfort their families.

With Respect,