August 18, 2011 – Mercy Hall: BBQ and Quilt Raffle

Mercy Hall door signGreeting us at the doorway to Mercy Hall was this sign.  The transition has begun!






One of the first orders of business after we arrived was drawing the name of the raffle winner.  Jared, who had drawn the name last year, was there again this year and we were able to enlist his help.

2011 Marine Moms-Bethesda raffle drawing









The winner was Cheryl from Florida, a Marine Mom X 3.  Her reply when I emailed her to tell her she had won:

“The quilt is beyond my expectations.  I am delighted!  You were correct in that the photo did not do it justice.  Now that I’ve seen it I want to keep it for myself…but as I promised before I won…it will be the gift that keeps on giving.  Our local Marine Corps League has been notified and it will be passed off tomorrow at their monthly luncheon.”

Thank you, Bayside Quilter, for donating the quilt, and thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle!

cleaning the BBQ at Mercy HallAfter the raffle drawing it was time to get the grills ready for the burgers and dogs.  Amerina was a good sport and helped me clean them and get the coals going.

Bob and Katie set the table up and had everything ready when we came back inside. Then Katie went over to the hospital to invite combat families over for lunch.

Bob and Katie







We loaded the “stash table” with healthy snacks and other things this time.  The residents can take what they like back to their rooms for later.

August 2011 stash table at Mercy Hall






Jared and Jess BBQingIn the meantime, Jared and Jess were taking care of business outside.

This was Jared’s last day in the Corps.  He headed over to the office after the luncheon to sign his papers for his medical discharge.

After almost two years of seeing him every other month, the luncheons won’ t be the same without him, but we’re very happy for him.  He is moving on and we wish him all the best! We will miss him!

August 18 Mercy Hall - one last masage

Bob and Julie

He had time for one last seated massage before we left.









Julie was with us for the first time in a long time.  Love having her with us!



Menu: Tomatoes and Mozzarella appetizer; olives and pickles; hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, and Kielbasa; watermelon salad; peaches and grapes; corn salad; cole slaw; potato salad; summertime vegetables; cookies, an apple and cherry dump cake; Root Beer Floats and assorted drinks.

Segos August 2011 at Mercy HallYes, the transition has begun.  Some wounded Warriors came in on their Segways, parked them just inside the doorway and had lunch. If they had not been wearing shorts, we would have never known they were double amputees.




Today’s Luncheon Crew:  Jess, Katie, Bob, and Julie, with help from Jared.  Thank you!  Job Well Done!

Love and Hugs,