July 10, 2011 – 5 East: Another “Tween”!

Marine Moms-BethesdaJanet and Lew coordinated the event, and Lew, Katie, and Julie  hosted it.

Menu: Tuna salad and chicken salad sandwiches; potato salad; baked beans; cole slaw; stuffed eggs; Texas Caviar with tortilla chips, fruit salad, chips, olives and pickles, brownies and cookies, drinks, and smoothies.

Special thanks to Janet’s friends – Coleen, Kay, Tina, and the Campbell family for their help with the meal.

Here’s Katie’s report:

     Lew got there first and had 2 carts upstairs, was setting up when Julie and I arrived.  When I got to the 5th floor to get a cart from Lew the floor was very busy with lots of family in the halls and TV room.  I started to let families know as soon as I saw them who we were and that we would would be serving a light lunch at noon.  Then I saw the Marine on Duty… he was already telling families were we there.  Lew had talked with him when he came in.  

     We kept the door closed and got the food set up, make two blenders of smoothies, one blueberry and one strawberry.  We had a long line of families when we opened up to serve about 12:10.  People were very friendly and talkative.

     We ran out of the two blenders of smoothies right away and made more.  The fresh fruit bowl and the fresh whole peaches went right away.  The baked beans and potato salad were all a hit.  The Texas Caviar was all gone as well.  Desserts?  I think they were all gone???  We only had a little bit of food leftover to put in fridge, some were olives, some were beans, some were sliced tomatoes.

     Lew was able to get out to see some of the Wounded on our list after the families went thru the lunch line.  I was able to talk with all of families at the door, Julie got to talk with some in the pantry and hall.  At the end when all was packed up Julie and I went to see Jason, talked with his mom for a long time, never did get to talk with Jason as his doctors came in.  Julie and I then went down to see Michael and his fiancee.  We left the hospital at 3pm.  Lew left about 20 – 30 minutes earlier.

     Thanks to everyone today, great team work!  Janet thanks for all you did to make today happen, missed you.  Big thank-you to your wonderful friends and neighbors!

     We didn’t have a camera today with us……sorry no pictures. 


Thank you Janet, Lew, Katie and Julie!  Job Well Done!

Until next time, continued prayers for our military and their families.

Love and Hugs,