March 28, 2010 – 5 East: Some days you just need chocolate.

chocolate chocolate brownies





And those aren’t just plain ol’ brownies – they are brownies with chocolate fudge icing.  Can you smell the mint in them?

There are so many who help in the background during the days leading up to a patient’s arrival at Bethesda. If you don’t know who MaryAnn from Soldiers Angels-Germany is, you should.

Once at Bethesda, the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund does wonderful work on behalf of combat wounded/injured/ill Marines and those serving “boots on the ground” with them.

The professionalism of the Marine Liaison staff helping parents fill out paperwork for their injured son removes the immediate worries on a very stressful day.

The hospital staff is awesome. The Corpsmen care for their patients’ needs before they think of themselves, the Nurses look after their patients from their heart – it is more than a job to them, and the Doctors treat the families and their patients with the utmost respect and the best care in the world. The hospital is always a busy, busy place, but even more so these days. At this month’s luncheon, two of our volunteers were waiting for the plane to come in that afternoon from Germany… with their Marine on it…

March 28, 2010 luncheon crew






This month’s fabulous luncheon crew:
Susie, Elizabeth, Grace, Suzan, Brenda, Janet & Lew – Thank you! Job Well Done!!!

Marine Moms-Bethesda has been very blessed with compassionate volunteers who donate their time, talents, and often food to make the luncheons happen, asking for nothing in return. Our volunteers Easter basket March 2010are upbeat at the luncheons, always ready with a kind word, a smile, and a hug, and when they hear of someone who can’t make it down for the luncheon, there is a flurry of activity as they grab takeout boxes and fill them so full they can barely be shut.

The menu for Palm Sunday’s luncheon was beef stew, corned beef and cabbage, mashed potatoes, potato and leek soup, bread, assorted sandwiches, garden salad, fresh veggie platter, pepperoni and cheese platters, fresh fruit bowl, beautifully decorate boiled Easter eggs, assorted cookies, mint brownies, tiramisu, and a platter and basket of Easter candy.

Buffet March 2010

A Marine and his beautiful young wife left with a wheelchair bag filled with “stuff” and his lap filled with more “stuff” and a huge smile on his face.

A bedridden patient, with no family there with him – he doesn’t have any – was distracted from the daily hospital routine with a visit from us.

Buffet table 2_March 2010


An Army wife wouldn’t leave the luncheon room until she made sure hugged each and every one of the crew.

Those are just a few we met Sunday… there were others.

Crockpots March 2010

Spirits were lifted from the support, the food and the LOVE we gave to the patients and their families.

Their spirits are lifted not just from the “stuff” and the visits, the conversations, and the food but also from the notes of encouragement from people across the country.

If you would like to send an upbeat, positive note of support and encouragement to the combat patients at Bethesda, you can email them to  (4/2/2021 – email address no longer active)   We will print them out and hand deliver them for you.

gifts for the ladies March 2010

Our luncheon crew, our supporters and our “Elfs” – everything you do to support the troops at Bethesda is gratefully appreciated by the patients and their families. “Talking the talk” – so easy to do sitting at a computer or slapping a bumper sticker on your car, many do that… but you are “walking the walk.” YOU help make it happen! Thank you!

Each luncheon is different… each has its special moments and memories. When we are back on 5 East in two months, we will have some new “old friends” to catch up with.


April’s luncheon will be at Mercy Hall. Lasagna is on the menu, a special request from one of the Marines there.

Our quilt raffle begins May 1st  with the drawing on August 19th at our Mercy Hall barbecue. You can see a sneak peek of the “Maid of Honor” quilt here.
“Let Freedom Ring!”

Until next time, continued prayers for our military and their families.
Love and Hugs,




I love my freedom banner
From a banner in the hallway at Bethesda Naval Hospital, March 28, 2010.