Holiday Cheer at Bethesda 2009 “Elfs”

Holiday Cheer 2009 cookies and stockingsMade possible by “Elfs” across the country!

Thank you so much for being an “Elf” and bringing “Holiday Cheer” to Bethesda Naval Hospital.


2009 holiday cheer stockings

Stockings made by Bayside Quilters of the Eastern Shore,  MD.

Stocking stuffers were sent from:

Judi in Illinois, Ann and Johnny in California,
Maria in Germany, Peggy in Michigan, Gladys, Bob, Jane, Dockside Boat Works, Chris and Carey, and Lilies of the Field in Maryland.

Additional stocking stuffers were made possible by:

Arlene, Nancy, Jeanette, and WA State Operation Thank You in Washington State; Melissa in Tennessee, Ann and Johnny in California, Chris & Carey, andGladys & Bob in Maryland, Tawnia in Minnesota, and “A Former Marine”.

Santa’s Helpers:

Jess shopped for the stocking stuffers, and the gifts were wrapped and stockings stuffed by: Jess, Jason, Neale, and Erin in Maryland.


Holiday Cheer Cookies 2009

Cookie “Elfs”:

Bakers: Elizabeth and Janet in Virginia, and Suzan, Maria, Deb, Janelle, Brittany, Sandy, Robin, Julie, Gladys, Casey, Aunt Jeanne, Grace, Susie, Barb G., Kris, Nan, and Barbara F. in Maryland.

Containers donated by Sally in Texas.

Cookie tins were packed by: Julie, Don, Barbara, Gladys, Bob, and Aunt Jean in Maryland.


Holiday Cheer cards

Cards were sorted, screened and bundled by: Chris, Janet, Wendy, and Sandy.

They were sent from Card “Elfs” from across the country and beyond!

Marilyn & Don in Oregon; Maria in Germany; Jan & Family, Tampa Bay Area Marine Parents Association in Florida; Our Lady of Victory School, Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4 grades, OLV Girl Scouts Julie, Easton Rotary Club,  Mary L., Ann, Linda, Marge, Alma, Momma S., Barbara F., Kris S., and Chris D. from Bayside Quilters, Mayra & Friends, Choptank Marine Corps League Detachment 439 & Friends in Maryland; Sally in Texas; 1 Vet, Corliss & Harold, Ann & Johnny. Pam & Mike in California; Theresa & Darryl in Pennsylvania; Susan, Will, & Olivia, Terri in North Carolina;  Carrie, Jane & Caroline, Tawnia, Tom & Bridget  in Minnesota; Judi & the Village of Park Forest in Illinois; Ellen-Alisa, RMH Group, Inc. in Colorado;  Peggy in Michigan.

Luncheon Crew:

Susie, Grace, Jess, Suzan, Jane, and Choptank Marine Corps League Detachment #439 represented by Kathleen, Bob, Russell, and Jim from Maryland.

Thank you, “Elfs”! Job Well Done!

Click on the picture to read about the luncheon.

mercy hall 2009 stockings cookies and cards