March 28, 2008 – 5th Floor

Spring flowersSpring Has Sprung!

And we turned this:

Menu list

into this:

Luncheon table




A cheery springtime luncheon – chicken salad, ham and roast beef wraps, jello salad, deviled eggs, chips and dips, pasta salad, pickles, turnovers, cookies, cheesecake, peach tea, soda, and smoothies.

Flowers by Brenda!

Coloring books


Stuff for kids left in the day room from Washington State Operation Thank You, and Marine Mom Chris.

Rita and Jane


Two PROUD 3/1 Marine Moms, one Gold Star and one Blue Star, meeting for the first time today.


Gift bags are courtesy of Marine Mom x 2 Rosemary and Navy/Marine Mom Andria, the Arbonne goodies are from and Ann & Friends’ who are Marine Moms and Dads and friends of Marines.  We had Notes of support from all over the United States and Germany, too.  The “These Colors Don’t Run” t-shirts are from Embroidery Friends.

Niftie Gifties

Brenda and Robin

Two friends catching up.

Shorty got her new shirt today – yep – those Marine Elves and their sense of humor… She loved it. 🙂


How many different ways are there to go to Bethesda? Now we know the scenic route so that makes at least three.

Ok, ok, *cough* I got us lost. Again. Brenda’s vowed to print out MapQuest for us next time and I’ve vowed to never be lead car again. Heh. Thank goodness Robin was with us, she saved the day and got us back on 495.

And then Deb’s SUV looks like every other SUV on the road and I thought I was following her but I wasn’t and took the wrong lane on the Wisconsin Avenue exit because I knew

 where I was going and didn’t think she did, finally turned around to go in the right direction, Brenda called Julie to tell them to turn around and they were already at the hospital. Yeah – I have issues doing city driving. Get me off the Shore and I am clueless. I mean really – have you ever gotten lost in the D.C. area???

You can end up in Richmond reeeeally easily without even trying. And Shorty’s still brave enough to ride with me… The stuff that goes on behind the scenes… mmm hmmm…. and that’s ALL I’m saying about the behind the scenes.

The luncheon – as always, each one is different but there seems to be a theme going here for the past three months – more moms than patients. Few patients again, several of them out on day passes, that was good.

Rita and Julie, both Gold Star Moms, joined us. One of the Marines who had been a patient there and is now on med hold waiting for his release hung out with us, so you Missouri Moms – know that a St. Louis Marine got lots and lots of Marine Mom attention today. Our Navy friend popped in to say hello too, as well the Gunny and the SSgt. we had met before.

The day rooms there are all spiffed up now with new furniture, TVs, carpeting, bookcases, new computers, wallpaper – nice. Annegret and Morgan wouldn’t think they were the same rooms.

The shelves in the Liaison office were well-stocked with hygiene items and items. We left food and the few leftovers in the pantry, packed up, and headed out.

And then I got lost again – in the parking garage. Mmm hmmmm…I couldn’t find my car, thought ok – I’ll just hit the panic button, and lo and behold…a car – ON ANOTHER LEVEL – started honking, I thought, “oh NOOO, what did I dooooo???? Where the heck IS it???” Up and down the elevator three times – never did find it and it turned out it wasn’t mine after all. My car was right where I left it. I give up.

Thank you to everyone who made today happen. You all are the best!

Just a note – we Moms are in the process of looking very hard at what we have been doing for the past year and may be making some changes. Our mission is to serve the OIF/OEF wounded and their families and we want to stick to that mission.

Also, you may wonder “why don’t I see pictures of the families or the wounded on this site?  Or find links to articles about them?”

The reason is this – when Janelle and I began doing the luncheons, we decided the OIF/OEF recovering vets and their families deserve their privacy.

There are links for your surfing pleasure under the picture.

Until next time,




And then there’s more…

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Dedicated to justice for America’s accused defenders.  (Link no longer works.)

Extensive information here about the Haditha Marines, the Pendleton 8, and others accused before their trial by politicians

and the left-wing liberal media. Read about it here yourself… the mainstream media is NOT telling the whole story.


An U N A B R I D G E D Unofficial Dictionary for Marines

Don’t know what your Marine is talking about? Check this site out. Note: this says

“unabridged” – if your eyes and ears are delicate, DON’T go here!

Day room 5th Floor March 2008
Day room on the 5th floor, March 2008