August 26, 2007 – 5th Floor

Marine Parents Motto: “Semper Gumby – Always Flexible”

Parrot and palm tree decorations


Thinking all was set in stone for our August luncheon, an out-of-state friend bought a plane ticket for the trip east so she could attend August’s luncheon with us, check in on her son’s buddy, and spend time relaxing with Janelle and me. Exciting!!!

The last time we had seen each other was the weekend of homecoming 2006 and we were really looking forward to seeing each other again. She was going to come in on Thursday evening, we would spend Friday with Janelle shopping and sight-seeing, Saturday at the hospital, and she would fly home in the wee hours of Sunday morning. WOO HOO Susan was coming for a visit!

A few hours later, the phone rings, and… uh oh… the luncheon’s date had to be switched to Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday. Mad scramble to switch tickets around – yeah – you know the feeling… gotta love those airlines. 😉

Long story short, Susan still has her ticket and we’ll see her after the first of the year. In the end, after a whole lot of “Semper Gumbyness”, everything turned out wonderful and that’s what counts.

Deb and Jean unloading.


We spent Saturday afternoon shopping and that evening putting the gift bags together as Mother Nature entertained us with one of the more awesome thunder storms of the season. We arrived at the hospital, did a cart safari and then Janelle and a Marine headed upstairs with the first load of goodies while Deb and Jean unloaded more stuff. Poor Jean… her first visit with us and it looks like she is wondering where in the world we are going to put everything. 🙂

It’s been a hot summer here in Merryland and smoothies seemed to be a good idea for something different on the menu. Deb brought her Vita-Mix, the Mother of All Blenders, with her and spent the afternoon making them up to order.

Hula Girl


Hula Girls had been requested.

I can’t seem to figure the settings out on my new camera though… this picture is most definitely outta whack…







DoctorsYa know you’re gettin’ old when the Docs look the same age as your kids, right?

We always invite the medical staff in for lunch when they peek in the door and a few doctors stopped by on a break to fill their plates and chat with us for a few minutes.

Miracle Workers is the name that comes to my mind.

 Angels on Earth.

Our Marines are in excellent hands.

A lot of really good things took place Sunday. It was a good feeling having the room looking cheerful and festive for the patients and their families when they walked through the door into the room.

Parents and wives were able to meet and connect and encourage each other. We had a head’s up to be on the look out for a Marine Mom, her son, and his wife and were able to give her a Marine Mom hug from the Oklahoma Marine Moms.

I passed on a Tennessee nifty-gifty to a Tennessee Marine from a former Tennessee Marine of a past war (can you say orange?), and we did our best to fatten up Deb’s wheelchair buddy with smoothies. There was a big, dark chocolate candy bar in the gift bag that made at least one Marine really happy. The Marines who wanted to got a lei. “Hey! Wanna lei???” You should have seen their eyes open up wide! hehe

Buffet Aug 2007

It takes so little to give encouragement and to bring a smile to someone’s face.

“Touches of Home” make all the difference.

We’re going back at the end of September. Football theme next time. I wonder if Deb has a cheerleader’s outfit. GO RAVENS!!!

Until next time,

~ Jane


August 26, 2007 Luncheon Supporters

  • Entenmanns’s
  • DAD of TN, Inc.
  • Ann Thomas and Julie Butts-Marine Moms and Independent Arbonne Consultants
  • Washington Operation Thank You
  • Chris- Marine Mom; Loretta – Marine Mom’s Friend
  • The Sharratt Family – Marine Family
  • Those who sent well wishes by way of email to pass onto the patients
  • And the awesome Marine Liaison Staff.

Thank you!