June 23, 2007 – 5th Floor

Each visit we make to Bethesda for a luncheon is different…

It’s basically the same menu but the stories of the parents or the wives about their Heroes are what brings us back again. For some reason this visit touched me in a way the other visits had not, and I know now, without a doubt, that the touches of home we bring fill a need to those we serve.

Perhaps it was the young wife who so was happy to see “real food”, or the mother who had been staying 24/7 by her son’s side for many weeks, or maybe it was the young Marine who was working in the Liaison office who remembered us from our last visit.

These are the things that keep us coming back.

Both the hospital staff and the Liaison staff are great and we can’t say enough good about them. Thank you guys for your help – you know who you are.

The major league ball team who was finishing their visit as we arrived—these are the things that help brighten the patients and their families’ day.

This time, thanks to Deb, we used a Tiki theme and had table decorations and food along that line.

In addition to the barbecue that seems so popular, the sandwich makings and side salads, we also had lots of fruit, key lime pies, and a chocolate-chocolate 4-layer cake.

A highlight of the luncheon were the fresh baked goodies carefully packed and shipped by Valerie from The Bread Basket in Cleveland, Tennessee – home baked breads and muffins just like Mom used to make. (No calories, of course!)

And then there were the back packs from Operation Thank You with items for the kids visiting their Dads that were passed out. (Those ladies KNOW how to shop!!!)

We also stuffed the fridge and the pantry cupboards for those late night snacks with the help of Dave from Entenmann’s, and I included a poem written by Connie and a note from Bob for the families and patients in the basket of candy on the counter.

Miracles Happen at Bethesda and the doctors, nurses, and the Marine Liaison staff are Angels on Earth, as are the ladies I do this with.

Thank you to all who helped make our June visit happen, including our donors who wish to remain nameless.

June 23, 2007 Tiki BUffet, 5th Floor Bethesda










~ Jane