February 23, 2014 – 4th Floor

What a great luncheon our volunteers planned and what a treat it was for the families and patients!

chicken soupMenu:
mini-egg rolls
sloppy joes,
tuna sandwiches
chicken soup and crackers
fruit salad
cole slaw
red beans and rice
green beans
cupcake cake
smoothies and asst. drinks


tuna salad, rolls, and cole slawSpecial THANKS to

Cornerstone Deli and market for their donation of tuna and cole slaw




quilts an dpillowcasesand to Olde Kent Quilters for their gorgeous quilts and pillowcases,




scarves, beanies, and slippersand to Carole and the Castaways for the slippers and hats.






Well, the food of course!!!

I wasn’t there so these are notes from phone conversations afterwards:

  • Gladys’ first trip down to ICU with Elizabeth to invite the combat families up.
  • The TBI guys came down. We love having them come to the luncheons!
  • A combat family on the 4th floor came back several times, which is what we encourage!

cookiesThe volunteers chipped in for cookie platters for the staff lounges on the 4th floor and 7 East.

Thank you all for a job well done!

The next luncheon is March 23rd, same time, same place, different menu, different crew!

Love and Hugs,