January 26, 2014 – 4th Floor

A Sunday Luncheon

sanwiches, soup and chiliI miss it so much when I’m unable to go to a luncheon I’ve signed up to help with. I feel like I’ve let the other volunteers down, and I just really enjoy being at the hospital and seeing the smiles when a Warrior or a family member walks into the room, sometimes guided there by the scent of “real” food wafting through the corridors of the 4th floor in Building 10.

Today’s luncheon was one I had to miss…

NO worries, though! When I spoke to Gladys she was ready and more than willing to take on a luncheon with just her and Bob if needed. Elizabeth and Stephanie were able and willing to drop food off and share their supplies if needed. Julie sent some food along with the pantry bags via Gladys, and Katie was able to be there to help Gladys and Bob, so! All was well and good to go!

sides and sandwiches

Gladys touched base with me later in the evening and shared how the day went. I told her, “You know, we read about and watch on TV what’s going on and then we see the “back story” at the hospital, the people who made it happen, who were a part of it, who made history.”

And after thinking about what she had told me, I was reminded of this quote by John Stuart Mill:

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

You see, there was a patient there, with his family for support, and many of his Brothers by his side. They don’t serve for the money, or for the platitudes, or for the college benefits, or to build their resumes…

They serve for “Love of Country”. And they take care of each other.

Our country, and this world, is a better place because of them.

From Gladys:

Marine Moms-Bethesda served lunch at Walter Reed on Sunday.  We were thrilled to see many empty rooms!  We were honored to meet a wounded Warrior and got to meet his family and two other buddies that had flown to be with him and offer him moral support.  Their spirits were so high, and you could see immediately the spirit of camaraderie among them. 

The family members and some of the patients were so happy to be served some home-made food!  The menu was a hit and we had almost no leftovers!  It consisted of Chili with all the toppings, including cornbread and some out-of-this-world biscuits; home-made chicken noodle soup, finger sandwiches, fruit salad, a vegetable tray, and cookies and cupcakes for dessert.  Bob making smoothies.As in the past, the strawberry smoothies that Bob made were a hit!  He has turned into quite a smoothies expert!  All the patients and their family members received a gift bag with some goodies, put together by another Marine Mom. 

Every time we serve lunch at Walter Reed we are reminded of the sacrifice these young men and women and their families have made for all of us.  We are proud and honored to continue to support them and are already looking forward to our next lunch.

Semper Fi!


Thank you Gladys, Bob, Katie, and Julie for your help with the luncheon! Job Well Done!

Jaime from “Touch of Relief” was also at the luncheon providing free seated massages for the family members.  Thank you, Jaime!

To our Supporters, you do a wonderful service, enabling the luncheons through your kind generosity.  What is better than “comfort food” when you’re so far from home?  Thank you for your support.

Our next luncheon will be Thursday, February 13, at Mercy Hall, serving the residents and their families. Serving time 11:30 to 1:00 PM, but if you’re going through before or after those times, stop by anyway. We know you have places to go and things to see – rehab, doctors appointment, physical therapy, med boards, meetings. We’ll have take out boxes available for you.

Until next time, continued prayers for our military and their families.

Love and Hugs,




fruit, veggies and sidesdesserts, drinks, and pantry bags