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Thursday, December 4th – MM-B’s “Holiday Cheer 2014” Luncheon at the USO

Our annual Holiday Luncheon!

stockings, cards, and cookiesSpecial Thanks to:

The Warrior Family Coordination Cell for helping us coordinate the event.

The Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment-East at Walter Reed for their advice and help.

Preventative Med for ensuring the safety of our service members through good food practice policies.

The USO at Walter Reed for the use of their room and kitchen, and to their volunteers for assistance.

Huge Thanks to:

Our “Elfs”, many of whom who have been doing “Elfie” stuff with us since 2007, helping to make the event so special!

Our MM-B Volunteers, who pull everything together to make the luncheon a success!

And most especially, Tremendous Thanks to:

Our Nation’s service members and Veterans who’ve put their lives on the line defending our country.

Gingerbread houses at USO 2014
Gingerbread houses in front of the welcoming fireplace at the Walter Reed USO. Photo courtesy of Gladys.


 A room at the USO at Walter Reed.

Luncheon Sponsors:

Choptank Marine Corps League Detachment #439

Washington State Operation Thank You

Joanna & Joel in Florida

Barbara in Alabama

Mary T. in Maryland
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October 23, 2014 – Good people doing good things.

There are a heck of a lot of nice people doing good things for our service members at Walter Reed.

Mercy Hall has closed. The residents moved over to Sanctuary Hall, the new barracks, in the early summer, and food events aren’t allowed there. Base policy. Today was our first luncheon at the USO Warrior and Family Center.

Luncheon room at the USOWe reserved a room in the new USO for today’s luncheon. Their volunteers were very helpful, checking in with us every so often to see if we needed anything. They stayed busy greeting people as they entered the building, making them feel at home, keeping the snack bar stocked for the guys and gals coming in, and a multitude of other things.

The Warrior Family Coordination Cell (WFCC), the office tasked with coordinating events in cooperation with the different service branches and the USO, sent a Sailor down to offer help, and then later during the event, stopped by to check on us again. Yes, they are military, doing the job they’re assigned, but they went out of their way to help us out. Continue reading October 23, 2014 – Good people doing good things.