Calling All “Elfs” – “Holiday Cheer at Walter Reed 2016”

hollybunchMany, Many THANKS to those of you who helped make Marine Moms-Bethesda’s “Holiday Cheer at Walter Reed” a success!


UPDATE Dec. 13, 2016:   We’re no longer accepting cards for this year’s card campaign. Cards and gifts have been delivered.  Please consider contacting a local VA VET Center, VA hospital, Hospice (some have Veteran-care), or Red Cross to see if they have needs you may be able to help with to bring Cheer to the patients and residents this holiday season.

We’re very grateful to the “Elfs” for their support this year, making Holiday Cheer at Walter Reed a success! Thank you!

Gifts and cards were delivered Wednesday, December 7, 2016 to the Marines in the Liaison Office to distribute on our behalf.  We’ll add more pictures after Christmas, don’t want to spoil the surprise!

The car is packed and ready to head over to Walter Reed!
   The car is packed and ready to head over to Walter Reed!
















(pssst… Can you believe this is our 10th year of “Elfie-ness”?! 😯 )

It’s that time of year!

Marine Moms-Bethesda is gearing up for “Holiday Cheer at Walter Reed”!

“Holiday Cheer” has been one of the events over the years that really touches the heart.  Seeing support come in during the holidays from all over the country for the men and women we serve when they are so far from home is very humbling. They really appreciate your efforts. Thank you for your consideration.

This year’s “Holiday Cheer” is two parts:

  1. We are collecting hand-written Holiday cards to give to wounded, injured and ill in-patients and out-patients, and
  2. Adopting two single Marines and a Marine and his family through the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Walter Reed.

We’ll deliver the cards (screened and bundled) and gifts for the Marines (bought from a “wish list”) in December to our contact at Walter Reed and they’ll take it from there.

Would you like to be a Marine Moms-Bethesda Elf?  If so, here’s how!

Ho Ho Ho!
A card from one of our “Elfs from Our Lady of Victory school in Baltimore, 2013.

“Holiday Cheer Cards”



Final postmark deadline for the “Holiday Cheer” cards is Saturday, November 19th.  (The address is below.)

We’re no longer accepting cards for this year’s card campaign.

  • Card bundles will be given to combat wounded, injured and ill out-patients and in-patients (all service branches) at Walter Reed.
  • We would like to make up a minimum of 50 packets.  If we have enough cards, we’ll make up more.
  • Any card packets leftover after the initial delivery  at Walter Reed will be distributed at other military and VA hospitals in the DC area.




Please follow our Guidelines for sending cards:

  • Flat-faced cards are best. Please, no glitter or anything that can fall off and get into open wounds.  They can cause secondary infections.  Cards with glitter, flocking, or glue that dries and cracks and falls off, or little beads, etc., cannot be used.
  • All cards are screened.
  • No need to put the cards in individual envelopes.
Marine Moms-Bethesda Holiday Cheer cards
This is what the bundles look like before we tie them up with ribbon.





  • Please use your first name only inside the card.  For security reasons we do not pass on names and addresses to either the recipient or the sender.
  • No enclosures, please.
  • Please rubber band individual signatures together to help making sorting easier for us.  Example: 6 different people wrote their own cards with just their own signature on it, and all of the cards are sent in one box or envelope.  Please bundle each persons’ cards separately.  Our “Elfs” will love you for this!
  • If you wish acknowledgement your cards were received please include an email address. (We won’t spam you, promise!)

hollybunchMailing address:

Marine Moms-Bethesda

P.O. Box 22

Cordova, MD 21625

Remember! The final postmark date is Saturday, November 19, 2016.  We’re no longer accepting cards for this year’s card campaign.


“Marine Elfiness”

This year we are again adopting a Marine and his family, and two single Marines at Walter Reed.  It’s difficult to pin a Marine down for a “wish list” but we’ll do our best by working though our contact at the hospital!  When the date is closer we’ll have a list for Santa and will shop accordingly to bring some “Holiday Cheer” to them.

If you’d like, you can read about last year’s Holiday Cheer here:

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Questions?  Please contact Jane: